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Justin Spencer

eCommerce Consulting | Design & Development | Solutions Architecture
I am an ecommerce consultant and developer, with a strong and elaborate value proposition. With 18 years of outstanding results in eCommerce I can voice out loud my competence in boosting the profitability of your business. My ecommerce services embrace a successful market entry, guidance in technology choices, business workflow optimization, and business performance improvement. I have designed and developed a large number of full eCommerce digital ecosystems, for numerous industry applications and business models.

From full digital ecosystems, to just a single node (Inventory, Website, Customer Relations, Shipping, etc.) I can consult, develop, and integrate the right scalable solution for your needs.


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Exciting projects

Honestly, the majority of eCommerce consists of “cookie cutter” business models, but a few times a year I cross paths with a model that has very unique needs, and it is these moments of having to think “outside of the box” and develop unique solutions that really excite me.


What I'm good at

I am a natural problem solver with the ability to see the big picture and find the most logical, and efficient, solution easily. Mate those traits with my “savior complex”, and my lifelong love for computers and tech, and it fully explains why I landed, and continue to develop, this career.

Full Digital Ecosystems

Scalable growth solutions, with the least amount of effort applied, allows you to focus on long-term growth, not day-to-day tasks.

Inventory Management

From sourcing to end-user, optimization, automation, and streamlining are essential to increasing your net margins and growth potential.

Sales Channel Development

Websites, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, proper design and user experience, mated with stellar SEO, are needed to stand above your competition.

Customer Management

Automating and consolidating the interactions needed with the end-user are essential to reduce payroll and create a great customer experience.

Operations Streamlining

All those little manual tasks within your business can kill your bottom line. Logical, and optimized, Standard Operating Procedures are game changers.

Custom Integrations

Have you been told that two of your solutions cannot communicate with each other? Need communication between two solutions enhanced? No problem!


I work with cool companies

From large, widely known corporations to small “mom and pop” shops, most of the clients I work with are doing some really cool stuff within their industries. A sampling:
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Don't take my word for it


Owner – World of eBikes
Justin is a total pro and a great find. He took the time to get to know what I was looking for in design and functionality, and was experienced enough to suggest various paths. He also kept the project very organized and interactive with solid use of a project management tool. will definitely hire Justin again.


Founder – Asher + Rye
Justin is very knowledgeable and takes the client’s goal into account first, instead of merely replying to requests. I appreciated his consultive process very much. He asked a lot of questions about the project rather than assuming or simply ignoring potential problems. I appreciate his advice and competence and look forward to working with him again.


President – Walker Trading Company
I needed some immediate expert help in navigating options for ecommerce sync tools that coordinate product listings across multiple sales channels. Justin jumped in and was available for calls and questions and his help was invaluable. He also helped set up tests on various sites. Thanks Justin for your help


CTO – Mountain Land Physical Therapy
Justin is very aiming to please and goes up and beyond to make sure customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. He is honest and very trusting. I will continue to work with him as I feel he really wants to see me be successful and find value in the work he does for my company growth.


That’s how I work

Over the years, I have developed a solid strategy to ensure a successful project completion. With the proper practices, and tools, within the below phases of a project it is extremely rare that unforeseen bottlenecks, or major roadblocks, occur to damage the end results or lengthen the timeline unreasonably.

Identify the goals

Grasping the current landscape, identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and discuss the primary goals are essential to understanding a clients true needs.

Conduct the research

Thorough research into avaible options, the Pros & Cons, and discussing the realistic outcomes of those options are key for expectations to be meet at the finish line.

Plan the project

My PMP (project management certification) and my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) ensures this phase sets the next phases up for success.

Develop the solutions

Techniques of version control, mark-up documentation, file organization, and proper development and project management solutions ensure that it never feels like a “messy” project.

Test the results

Extensive Quality Assurance testing, with numerous testing solutions, as well as methods, ensures the published results do not have to be unpublished.


Let’s celebrate for just a minute…. Then workout all the small kinks we did not foresee. Development of a business is constant.


I am legit

I consult, and develop, within 100’s of solutions and frameworks, but I hold certifications in a few handful also, some multiple certifications. Feel free to request the documents.
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Let's start a project together!

There is no project too small or large, simple or complex, that I will not consult on prior to any type of contract. Feel free to setup a brief meeting to discuss your ideas and the possibility of bringing those ideas to digital realness.